Juniper restyle 

I was asked by a friend to rework his Juniper. He got it as a gift from his wife and daughter a long time ago. They bought it from Marc Noelanders who originally styled it.  

The tree was wired and styled by 2 more people during the years and had grown out of shape. First thing I noticed when I first saw it wat that the foliage was far away from the trunk, it had almost no shape and the 2 trees didn’t look like one in the composition. 

So I started by cleaning the trunk. Remove the old bark and cleaned the deadwood. After that I added one more Shari to give the boring lower part of the trunk more movement. Then I pulled the smaller tree that was lying on the ground more towards the main tree so it looked like a separate tree but still one with the composition.  The small tree almost has the same movement as the main so that balanced the composition a bit more. The branches were already set in the years so I brought them more towards the trunk to compact the whole thing. Mainly because the trunk is slender and to give the tree a more clean look. 

Back on the days the back branch was cut by accident so I had to arrange the foliage pads again to create depth and balance. At last I lowered the apex to give it a rounder and older look. 

I am happy with the result just like the owner and in time the pads will fill out even more. When that happens with good maintenance this tree could be stunning again one day.