Update boxwood present for dad. 

Earlier in the season I found myself a boxwood. Cheap ball of green common to a lot of gardens around the world. 

It’s always a challenge making something from that material and proves that enjoying bonsai doesn’t always need to be expensive. 

This particular one I bought at the local flowershop for less than €5. The only problem is that the branches and leaves you end up using are the inner branches of the ball. What this means is that these are the weaker ones because they haven’t received that much light. A lot of leaves were yellow when I first styled it even some branches were bare. However with some TLC sunlight and good feeding it looks healthy, strong and green again. 

I gave it to my dad for fathersday because he really liked it and I’m happy it turned out good. 

Next year time for some refinement and the little lovely girl on the picture is my niece. She liked to be in the picture too and it gives a better sense of size.