Great kengai setsogoyu 

A while ago I met someone who invited me to check out his trees. 

Due to health problems it was hard for him to work on his bonsai as much as he would like, so now and then he invites friends over to help him out. 

He had really nice trees and all the result of many Years of training. 

This is the tree before when I started wiring. 

I noticed this setsogoyu white pine and saw that with some wiring this one could look really good again. So I asked him if I could. He said he would really like that and a few days later I picked it up to take it home. 

It had some old needles turning yellow so i took them of. Applied the wire and started setting the branches. At first I thought it would be cool to make it into a classic white pine with a really long side branch pointing at the sun, but I really don’t do a lot of cascading bonsai so this was a good challenge. 

The hardest part was balancing the long branch and get the pads right so it had some depth. Overall I think it worked out pretty well. 

The after 

In the future it needs to be repotted as it is potbound and maybe tilted to the left a bit. For now this is the result.