Curly juniper

I traded this little juniper with a friend for one of my trees. He replanted it to make the base wider I guess and try to let it make roots. 

Than the tree was taken to a workshop with bonsai master Taiga Urushibata. Shari’s were added and a basic shape was given. 

I really wanted a Han kengai and with replanting it the curly trunk was perfect to transform it in a semi cascade. The only thing is that it will take some years to reduce the top of the rootball to fit a pot. Foliage is styled and cut back as far as possible to get foliage in the right places while the main branches can grow out. 

The shari’s are going to be bigger too and the deadwood will be worked on in the future. The future vision of tea tree will be a curly trunk with lots of deadwood and smaller lifeveins. 

Time to grow so this is the work till now. Bit hard to see on the picture, but with this angle the trunk has some great movement.