Cleaning my demotree for september

Today I went to Bonsai Yume in Belgium to help out with some trees and preparing my demotree for a demo I have in september.

It’s a big Juniper that was standing in the nursery for a longer time now. I was looking for something to use on my demo. Maarten van der Hoeven from offered me juniper to borrow for the demo, but looking at it longer we came to the conclusion the tree was to far in development to use. This wouldn’t make it a interesting demo to look at. So I went to Belgium to ask my friend Steve to help me out and he came with this big Juniper. It was a tree that was hard to sell because of it’s size and with the front displayed it didn’t look that interesting.

I decided to turn the tree around and use the other side that had 2 veins.and some good deadwood parts. After some bark cleaning we sat down and looked at the tree from a totally different angle. More sideways and from that angle the trunk movement is way more flowing. So I decided that should be the new front.

Next time i’ll start carving and cleaning the deadwood. I do these things prior to the demo because time is limited there, the tree is huge  and I can’t expect people to watch me clean the bark and carve away for a couple of hours.

Here are some pictures and the final result will be posted in September.

Stay tuned…