Pinus sylvestris 1st styling. 

Last week I went to my friend Steve,  he owns a nursery called Bonsai Yume in Belgium. 

Lots of great staring material and great trees. Most of them are pretty big ones like this Scots Pine.  He bought it from someone who was ending his hobby and just let it grow out for a while. Time to give it a first styling to get some light and air in it. 

Hard to see on the picture but it had 5 trunk like branches. We decided to remove the one in front and one in the back to open up the the tree. 

I had some good help with wiring from Steve and his dad. Here is the tree with some major branches removed and after some thinning out. The tree is wired open to promote backbudding and the foliage needs to grow closer to trunk in the future to compact the tree. 

This is the result till now, next year the tree should be repotted and planted a little deeper to make the left stump on the base look more like a root. And I think in 5 years from now this will be a great tree.