Satsuki Azalea Nikko


One of the most satisfying moments in bonsai for me is when flowering bonsai show their flowers. It gives me the feeling summer is coming and the colors are always so bright it makes everyone instant happy looking at them.

This is one of my Satsuki azalea’s image2

It’s 32cm high, 40 cm wide and it’s base is 13cm that will be something like  13 inches in height and almost 16 inches wide.
The base of the tree is 5.12 inch wide.


It’s already well on the way to become a beautiful bonsai however it still needs a long way.

The left branch needs to thicken and im going to let it grow. The back branch needs be wired down to fill the negative space and after flowering it needs some pruning. Azaleas love to be pruned hard sometimes to make them feel young again and push out fresh new growth, it keeps them vital. I also need to find a better pot for it. Suggestions were lower but in the same color. however I am thinking about a colored pot too.

Suggestions are always welcome 😉

First picture i’m removing the flowers because they take a lot of energy from the tree and I need it to grow as much as it can. So i’ll end this post with a picture just before that moment,  in full flower.



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