Olive Yamadori

Quick post about my small Olive yamadori.

So i decided to post something native to Europe and some places in the US too.
I know some Japanese artists recently started working with them and excepting them as bonsai.
It’s a yamadori Olive dug out of the mountains of italy about 5 years ago by a friend of mine.
When it was dug out he chopped the top off, and planted it in plastic container.
It was cared for for 3 years till i got it.
Last year i’ve put it in this pot. and the growth you see is still young about 2 to 3 years.
It was chopped back most of the time to give the roots time to develop.
These trees can get very old, they are kept small by goats and other animals eating them thats also why they get the nice old bark, to protect themselves from grazing animals.
Sometimes they are parts of bigger trees that are cut off, like roots.
Thats why bonsai like this can be very old already especially if they are a root cut off off a let’s say 500 year old tree.
This one was in a field with more trees and kept small by nature. It was a little bigger before the chop, but now it measures 8,66 inches tall and the base is 4,53inch wide.

The branches are now wired for the first time to set a basic structure for the future and the some are growing free to get thickness.
I’m also growing new branches at
the front and back of the trunk.
The deadwood also needs to be refined i just carved it up a little because there was a big cut there. It also has some nice natural deadwood features too.

Olives are vigorous strong growers who like warmth and sun and make beautiful bonsai i think.



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