Proof of size.

I like to thank my lovely friend jess for taking this picture of me and my trees. It’s not that I want to be in it, but pictures like these are a great way to show the actual size of the tree. Lot’s of folks thought they were smaller. So here is the proof. 😉



Found the pot for the Juniper Squamata.

Looking thru the garden I saw a pot I had used for another tree. It is a lotus pot that used to be kinda red however the weather really did it’s work and it turned out to be a little darker with dark accents. I think this pot will suit the Squamata pretty well.


Juniperus Squamata

One of my bigger trees atm is a Squamata Juniper. It is 70cm from the edge of the pot that will be 27.6 inch. They can be found in gardens and gardencenters everywhere overhere. Many see them as poor bonsai material but sometimes they can turn out to become nice bonsai trees.

I know from experience that they can handle a lot of torture, however too much water easily kills them. They suffer from rootrot very fast. This I can say from experience as I’ve killed a lot of them that way. They rather stay a bit on there dry side. They also have the tendency to easily get brown needles especially older needles. and when pruned they also brown easily at these points what doesn’t really make them attractive.

However today I wired it a bit and cleaned up the deadwood. The training pot will hopefully be replaced next spring so maybe it can go to an exhibition one day to show that these Junipers can be great bonsai too.


Buxus from a hedge

Today I pruned my buxus that originally came from a hedge. The trunk use to be under the ground but with digging it out it showed it actually had a nice trunk. There were some areas that had rotten a bit but nothing a little carving couldn’t solve.

It had grown a bit out of shape, but it made enough new branches that will develop into primary branches in a couple of years. By then it is time to cut back more unwanted branches and build up the structure of the tree.