Boxwood out of pure bonsai boredom

As my trees are preparing themselves for the winter and I am too, there are not too many things I have to do anymore. Bonsai-wise that is.

So today I decided to turn this Boxwood ball you see everywhere in gardens into a shohin. It still needs some years to grow new branches everywhere so a better branch selection can be made. I tried to work as much with smaller branches inside the ball that were closer to the trunk and more in proportion to the shohin size I had in mind. Boxes are vigorous growers during growing season and new branches appear almost everywhere on them so it won’t be hard to build up the tree next season. I wired it somehow loose so it looks a little sloppy but they have a thin bark that easily get’s damaged by the wire. After this I keep it in the shade with some morning sun only and keep it slightly moist. In the winter I guess around -5c it has to get some extra protection as they don’t really like hard freezing conditions. But most of my smaller trees don’t so in the upcoming months I will start making my wintershelter ready.

But that is for later..

Before and after:

buxbolvoor buxbolna


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