Cheap stuff

As many might have noticed, most of my trees are made from cheap stuff I pick up in my local garden center or from peoples gardens who want to get rid of them. Not because I don’t want to work big old yamador trees, but mostly it’s because I can’t effort expensive imported trees. And were I live we don’t have the luxury of mountains and dig some big yamadori with lots of nice deadwood out myself. Trips to the mountains are an option but then comes the hassle of traveling far and permits etc. However most of all I like the challenge of making something from what others see as nothing or not qualified for bonsai purpose. I pick up a lot of plants that are cheap even average malls ficus plants to try and make them nice.                                                                                                                 If you look at older post of my blog you will see many of them that found they’re way to me like that. It’s not that these plants can’t develop into nice trees but because they are grown for regular garden use it’s often difficult to find characteristic features or movement in these plants. Today I worked on two of them that I’ve been working on for a while now.                             The first is a needle or crawling juniper that are sold by the dozen here. The thing about them is, because they normally crawl they have trunks with curves in it which is always nice. This particular one had roots that stuck out of the ground and that made it easy to place a rock underneath to go for rock over roots.                                                               It had been growing freely to adapt to the rock and today it was time for some pruning and light wiring. Next season after it shows new growth it will be detail wired. So this is just a beginning.


Next up a ficus microcarpa mallsai. It use to be 1 meter tall about 3ft something. I cut down the  tree at were the first branches grew. did a little carving on the cut.                                                  Than some wiring and today I cut away some more finer branches so I can build up some structure in the tree.


I’m not saying these are to be great bonsai but working like this makes an already expensive hobby cheaper and who knows what will become of them.                                It’s a great way to experiment and play around with as it won’t hurt your wallet as much as things fail.

And most of all it’s pretty fun creating things from something that is considered nothing. For more of them view my older posts. 😉


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