A little sneak preview for one of my spring projects.

Two years ago I found three rocks in a garden/landscape center. A while ago I made a concrete base that fitted the pot and also had holes for drainage and wires.

The initial idea was to put it on a large suiban but I couldn’t find one I liked and thought fitted. So for now it is a small pot.  A while ago I started planting moss on the rock and a little thyme plant that flowers purple at the base I also placed a white pine in it, but likely will be switched with a juniper. I really want to make it as natural as possible and the moss to grow naturally on the rock.

The  final idea is to put three Junipers on it and some more accents like mini ferns etc.               Here are some pictures.

foto 2-2

foto 1

foto 4


2 thoughts on “A little sneak preview for one of my spring projects.

  1. Hi Chris,

    Great that you have such a project in mind. Too bad that you couldn’t find a propper suiban. Do you plan for this pot to be the final one? My opinion is that this one is a bit too good looking if you know hat I mean. I would choose a simpler one. Just my opinion. But you will be able to see better if it fits when the compisition is finished. Can’t wait to see it.

    Best regards,
    Nik Rozman

    • Hey Nik,
      The idea is that it will eventually be in a suiban. Until I find the right one I will leave it in this pot. But you are right a less neat pot would fit better it was just something I had lying around.
      When the trees are up there and everything is in place I will look for a suitable suiban or pot.

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