Spruce clump becomes Cascade

At first this spruce was planted on a slab. And the initial idea was to make it into a clump style forest, because it had so many different trunks. The ‘forest’ part didn’t  work out because the individual trunks didn’t have enough branches lower on the trunks and almost no foliage close to the trunk. This would leave me with long literai trees that had to be bend severely to make it one balanced composition. So I went for a clump/multitrunk tree.

Spruce_before Spruce_trunk_before

After I styled it that way I left it to grow, but looked at it a lot and wasn’t satisfied at all. (Picture below)


It had too many crossing trunks and to long branches with foliage at the end so it almost looked like a wide broom. That is not the way I see spruce bonsai so yesterday I decided to change things up a bit.

I started out with checking the roots and saw that there were a lot of new roots, however they were only growing on one side of the tree. The other side didn’t show any new growth and I decided to place the tree into a colander to grow some more.

I tilted the tree to the right to put the roots in the colander and suddenly saw a Cascade  shape. Because root growth on the left side was bad I could easily take of the remaining branches there and rootball and develop the tree from the side with new roots.

It also showed a much more interesting trunk under the soil so now that is visible too.    The remaining branches are turned into jins and some basic styling is done. And here is the result for now.



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