Little shohin itoigawa.

This little shohin itoigawa was actually pretty tall at first. Crazy curves and in the bottom of the trunk that got less from a certain point in the middle.

When observing I decided to go for shohin as the top part wasn’t interesting enough. Another idea I had was to make it into a long cascade, but than still the head tree wouldn’t be higher than shohin length and I wouldn’t think it would be really convincing.

I started out by potting it into a colander so it can develop a small rooball with lots of fine roots. All because it could fit a smaller pot later that matches his shohin size. After that I decided to not cut out the top but to jin it and pull the jin down through the foliage. In my opinion this adds more drama to the already existing jins and curvy trunk and movement. The only thing that disturbed me is the straight middle part of the trunk, but that will be solved with widening the shari a bit so it looks more flowing.

Also together with the two amazing potters from that make really beautiful pots, we are looking for a future pot design that will compliment the movement of the tree. Which I think is really important when it has so many curves and bends. More on that later, but any suggestions are always welcome.

Hope you like it as much as I do.

image_4708_juniperus-chinensis-itoigawa foto-2


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