Midnight bonsai shaping.. Love it.

On an American forum I wanted to enter the Box store challenge what basically means you have to make a bonsai like tree from cheap under $30 garden center or box store material.

Really love challenges like that, because they proof that our hobby doesn’t have to be expensive to enjoy.
Sadly I didn’t make the deadline because of my busy work schedule, but this night I decided to give it a go anyway.

I did two one is Needle Juniper that cost me 11,50eu and the second is a buxus that only cost 5,50eu.
They are small but i’m happy with the result.

buxus after





Chamaecyparis shohin

This Cypress species is easy to find in garden centers around were I live.They cost as little as 5 too 20 euro’s. Its not the best material around but always fun to practice on.

This particular tree isn’t all that interesting because of the straight trunk I bend the top down to get a little movement in the tree and bring the foliage down.

By bending the top part down  it came closer to the little trunk which I wanted to incorporate into the design so it would be a little more interesting. Not the nicest design and best material,  but always fun to play around with.

foto 1 kopie 2 foto 2 kopie 2

Tibolar-Rs Organic Bonsai Fertilizer AMAZING results

Bonsai & Yamadori from Tony Tickle

Tibolar-RS YewLast December at EUK Bonsai Ten in Diepenbeek Belgium, I bought two tubs of Tibolar-RS NPK 13-6-2 and NPK 4-6-2 where the trader had a table.

I started to used the NPK 13-6-2 on established yamadori quite early in the year as the winter was not cold at all, we only had two days where the temperature dropped below freezing so early feeding was possible on the trees that I wanted to have accelerated growth. These are trees that have been collected one year and I want a large amount of new growth and to build a solid root mass. I do not feed newly collected Yamadori until at least 2 months after collecting and only then if they have responded well. I used a teaspoon of the feed sprinkled onto the soil surface of each pot and then gently watered in.

On my established trees I started to use…

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New tools

So today I went to see my sponsor bonsaihoek

We had a great time talking bonsai and all.
Even went to his vegetable garden were we pulled out some nice fresh veggies.
Leeks, beetroot, corn etc.

He gave me some, well actually a lot of tools! I for example can call myself the proud owner of 6 different sizes concavecutters. Never new they came in so many sizes.

So I went back home with heaps of new tools a bucket of fertilizer and a crate of veggies.
Now that I call generous.
So again a big thank you to bonsaihoek
and I will see you guys when I come over to demo for your club.