Freshening up a shohin goyomatsu

Although I had decided to lay low bonsai-wise this year and focus on other things…  I couldn’t really not do anything at all.

So I found a small cheap white pine that was going to help me light up my passion again. And it did. It’s a shohin on the photo before getting it it looked like it didn’t have to many branches so it would be a bald little pine. I figured it would take me years to make it into something that looked like a potential bonsai. However after I saw it in real life I found out it had a lot of small branches, new buds and enough foliage to work with. 

I plucked the old needles to get air and light into the tree and wired it. Only pruned some unwanted shoots and made it more compact. Also i rounded the top to make it look more mature.

As for now i’m happy with the result and next year it wil get a suiting pot.

IMG_4447 IMG_4453



Great news I was asked by the owner of if I wanted to get sponsored by them.
So as of today they are sponsoring me in fine tools which is of course always very nice.
A big thank you to them!


Bonsaieurope 2015 demo

Recently I was approached by Tony Tickle if I wanted to Demo at his event Bonsaieurope 2015.
This is a great honor of course and looking forward to it.

He also made a really nice artist profile.
You can read it here: