Finally i’m in the mood again and have found more time to do some sketching. One of my favorite things to do. It keeps me calm and relaxed, but there is one problem my inspiration and creativity is at it’s highest late at night…….

I decided to put a sketchbook together with drawings of Well know bonsai of famous and yet to become famous artists. I will post more if I made them but for now I’ll leave you with these. Hope you like it.

Juniper from Walter Pall (Ger)


Chameacyparis from Ed van Reek (NL)


Conocarpus by Dorothy Schmitz (USA)


Yew of Tony Tickle (UK)


A Juniper by Teunis Jan Klein (NL)



3 thoughts on “Sketches

    • Thanks I started using it as a way to make virtuals also for other people, but it’s also nice to draw existing trees.
      If you ever need a Virtual or idea just contact me i’ll sketch one up for you!

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