What will it be in 2 years?

Because today I decided to re-enter the next years NTC qualifications and I am going for 1st place next year I thought everything should be practice. And out of complete boredom because it’s close to becoming winter here.. At the NTC a friend of mine bought a small ‘mallsai’ ficus and said he was going to try to make a decent little tree out of it in 5 years. Wandering through a garden center I spotted a ficus. Typical chinese mass production sold as ‘bonsai’, but actually it’s not and they are ugly as hell. Because they are rather easy to grow indoors and some like this one cost me 10 euro’s I decided to accept the challenge.

I see heaps of people on the internet forums asking what to do with it and the general advice the get is: ‘Airlayer it and make it smaller.’ All because the foliage pads are so far apart on the plant. I took that advice except for the airlayering part and only used the lower part. Will it be possible to get a decent ramification and smaller leaves in 2 years? I don’t know but I like to find out. And what about shari on a ficus? So in the name of science and attempt to make it bonsai here’s the result.






This is what I had in mind…


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