NTC 2013

Yesterday was the NTC and it was fun sadly I didn’t win.. The competitors skills were pretty high and I kind of underestimated them. I thought going for a rather safe tree would give me a win, but although I kept all the guidelines in mind. But the winner deserved it he had a great tree. We got tree hours to style an Itoigawa Juniper from raw stock. And to be honest I had drew out my design a week before already because I really wanted a small upright dense juniper. That was a bad idea because, going in safe mode and because I was already thinking that design it lacked my creative skills. Nevertheless i’m happy because when I got home I compacted the tree and it is now ready to grow into the tree I wanted in my garden for a long time. So hopefully in two years it will be small, compact, small negative spaces, with dense foliage pads and sharp lines. And maybe if I decide to re-enter the competition I will go for a more creative tree to win. here’s the result.



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