End of season sale at Lodder bonsai Netherlands.

At the time we were competing in the NTC there was also a end of season sale at the nursery. They took off 40% of the prices and we were there 2 hours after opening, but I really wanted to see the rush and stampede when they opened the doors. People told me it was a mad house! I didn’t buy anything, but still our car was packed with trees when we left… My girlfriend bought herself 2 trees YESSSSS! Haha and my good friend Jelle had put some trees in my car. A rather large potentilla and a Big Hedera he dug out.

Know Hedera isn’t a common species in bonsai and mostly seen just as vines crawling up walls and bigger trees, but Sandevbonsai (Sorry don’t know his real name) posted a clip of his Hedera which is stunning. The best Hedera bonsai i’ve ever seen! So when seeing that I knew it is possible and going to give it a shot myself.

A couple of trunks are dead but it has new growth in the right places to build up a tree. Because they grow vigorously I think in two years it can be a close to something called bonsai. This week i’m going to work the deadwood so mother nature can do here job during the harse winter weather to come.

When I got it


after reducing the dead branches


future sketch



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