NTC practice

This starter tree I acquired from bonsai club Koya. It was one of the trees in the lottery for the NTC qualifications. And at that time I hoped to get that one, because when I saw it it only took me a split second to come up with a design. But… I got the other one and this one was left over.

But I managed to get it anyway for some more NTC practice and managed to get a decent result in 3 hours time.

The trunks and top of the main trunk were wrapped in raffia, but because of the limited time I decided to do a second layer with black tape, because it’s much faster to apply. The hardest part was finding a balance between the trunks and foliage by placing them in the right positions.

One thing I noticed and already knew was, that when i’m fully focused and not distracted by anything i’m much faster and accurate. So with that lesson in mind i’m almost ready for next saturday!

Here’s a before and after, in the future i’m planning on refining the branch structure and pads and connect the three trunks with some deadwood features and live veins crawling over it. The deadwood and live veins will eliminate the fork look of the trunks and add more movement to the composition. Also by planting base of the lowest trunk against the soil surface it will look more natural and as if it grows from the base of the main trunk.

The Dr Pepper can is there for size by the way.



After 3hours




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