Qualification for the NTC (New talent contest)

Today I qualified for the NTC.
I had to participate in a match up together with two others and style a tree from RAW material in 3 hours.
In the end the jury chose me as the winner and the 23th of november I will enter The National NTC.

It was a lot of fun and the 3 hours flew by very fast. Maybe I shouldn’t have chat that much and use that time for extra detail work.
But I made it and won.
Took the tree home and spend a couple of minutes cleaning up the pads which I could have done there, and took a decent picture.
The tree was kind of difficult as The apex was to high and I had to wrap it in raffia and move it down to compact The composition.
Took a long time looking for al options but The movement of the apex after bending gave me The idea to tilt it to The left.

Oh and I want to thank Tony Tickle for his advice and tips that really helped me out.
So up to The national NTC i’m looking forward to it and from now on.. It’s training time. 😉





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