Autumn weather..

The real autumn weather kicked in. Days are shorter and colder and we have a lot of rain and in the area were I live, close to the beach the wind is also blowing through the garden each day.

Lot’s of the trees stay wet too long and it’s about time some more delicate species get some shelter like my goyomatsu seedling who is not grafted and growing on it’s weaker own root base . My wisteria, Acer arakawa and cherry blossems lost all the leaves and are in a corner of the garden with less wind. That’s also where I keep my mame junipers in a small greenhouse so they are protected.


Most of the bigger trees are still on poles in the garden as they all seem to enjoy the harsh weather and preparing themselves for the cold winter to come. They are evergreens spruce, junipers and pines and need to experience some climate changes. 


I also wanted to share this little cascade juniper on a rock I made the roots are growing under the moss as I hope it will become some sort of root over rock in a couple of years. The tree from rock to top is about 3 cm that’s 1 3/16 inch. trunk is about 1 cm that is a quarter of an inch wide.


And I took a photo of my lucky scissors that i’ll need at the qualification for the talent contest. Why do I post them I don’t know.. They are cheap, heavy and sharp butI like it 😉




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