A meeting place for bonsai enthusiasts.

Today I went to Deshima Bonsai nursery which is owned by Teunis Jan Klein a well known bonsai artist here in the Netherlands and Europe. On some saturdays it’s also opened for fellow bonsaika of all skills to work on the their own trees as well on some of the stunning trees owned by Teunis Jan.They call it http://www.bonsaicafe.nl and it’s open for eveyone. You can also come in just to get some coffee and have fun, walk around the garden, shop at the store or ofcourse work on trees. It was really fun to meet and talk to fellow bonsai enthusiasts and see some beautiful trees. I started detail wiring my spruce and am close to finishing.

Also managed to find some pots for my mame junipers as Deshima also has a large collection of bonsai pots in all shapes and sizes. I’m sure if I have time I will attend these saturdays more often as they are really fun to go to.

The pictures are some trees in the garden owned by Teunis Jan including the huge chameacyparis Masashi Hirao styled at a demo for bonsai focus magazine and not to forget the handmade mame  pots I got.




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