How it all started

When  my son was born I decided to visit some garden centers to make our garden look better. It was spring 2011 and was in need of some flowers and plants in my garden.

When I strolled through the garden center I saw little mallsai trees and wanted to buy one. Because we have the wonder called smartphone it was possible to gather information instant as I was walking there and stumbled upon a picture of a large white pine bonsai. At that point I decided to find such a plant and make one myself. They had a 2mtr high white pine with long branches and long needles and without hesitating I took it home. Back home I started cutting it down and wired it with normal garden wire. I potted it into a large pot and there it was a christmas tree like container plant. But to me it was bonsai.

That season I tortured it by doing everything I could read on the internet about bonsai. Repotted it multiple times, plucked needles, cutting candles, pruning, wiring and a horrible attempt to make a shari. Like a miracle it survived it all and the winter. Next season I decided to change the angle and restyle it. 

It’s still really healthy and in my collection today and I know it will never be a worldclass tree or even a tree that will be on a show but  i’m really proud of it.

Picture is taken begin of autumn 2013.Image


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