Spruce forest 10 trees

spruce10treesToday I made my spruce forest slightly bigger as it contains 10 trees now. In the future there will be more added when the new pot or slab will be there. Hard to take good pictures because it was already dark, but there are some smaller ones for depth in the back. This week I will also start the detail wiring and arrange the foliage. Good training for the Talent contest. 🙂


Spruce Forest

Today I finally planted the rest of my spruce I had together to start a forest composition. It’s still a bit sloppy and bare but when I find a bigger pot or slab in the future i’m planning to make it bigger.

Picture was taken today outside and because it’s not the best I will take better ones end of the week. Also I will be doing some more refinement to the forest.


Video’s for Bonsaiempire.com

A while ago I was asked to help out with some instructional video’s which will be featured on the bonsaiempire.com website. One of the largest bonsai communities on the internet. I had to style some trees for that a small cipres kinda shrub and a needle juniper.

The video’s were shot in the Japanese garden in Clingendael the Hague here in the Netherlands. As autumn was just around the corner the trees were slowly showing off some autumn colors. It was closed to the public when we filmed there which made  it a really serene and fun experience.

Here is a little impression.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


Here’s a link to bonsaiempire.com were the video’s will be viewable when posted.


Garden Centers

A lot of people always say that it’s not possible to make nice looking trees from ordinary garden center stock. I find it really satisfying and a challenge to do so.

It also proves that it’s not necessary to buy expensive trees or yamadori to enjoy this hobby and most off all it hurts less when things fail.

Here’s a spruce I did this week.


2 Junipers become one

Looking for a slab for one of my pines I stumbled on a great slab by John Pitt with 2 sick looking Junipers planted on it. They had aphids and were almost bare, but by killing the aphids the previous owner managed to grow a lot of foliage back.

Back home I transplanted the trees and let them grow whole season long. They are very healthy at the moment and I decided to give them a new look. The 2 were potted as one tree with some rocks to disguise that they are actually 2 and next year I hope the foliage get’s more compact and denser than it is now.

Here is the result.